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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Actually there will be a slight refreshing of the interior , nothing major as customers are happy with the layout and ergonomics. There will be updated trims and additional details in the refresh.

The main adjustment to the worlds best premium sedan will be new engines and adjustments to the steering as well as modern updated technology and a Plug in Hybrid Drive 330e.
In order to keep the 3er as the benchmark in the segment.

In regards to the C-Klasse. Whilst it may look like an S-Klasse the key difference from an S-Klasse is that the metal details might be metal in the S-Klasse , they are not in the C-Klasse.
lol, the C-class is premium, the A4 is premium, the F30? Hardly, but it's easily the most expensive. Once the B9 A4 rolls out BMW will be so far behind it won't even be funny. BMW's interiors are so, so, so low-rent for the price paid.

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Don't worry, the next gen 3 Series in 2019 is where BMW will "forget" that LED tail lights were standard and revert back to incandescent bulbs until the 2022 LCI where they get rediscovered again.

Meanwhile, full LED tail lights will continue to be common across all other manufacturers including the 12k econoboxes.
Yes, the rinse and repeat decontenting and recontenting is wearing pretty thin, especially at the price point.