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Originally Posted by Mike.F31.MSport View Post
BMW Cross Bars

I picked up a set of BMW cross bars for my F31. I've run Thule racks on my previous cars, so I already have a pair of Thule Peloton bike trays, a pair of wheel-on mounts (not yet installed in the pictures), a roof box, and other accessories. The BMW cross bars can be had for $200, which is a great deal compared to ~$500 for a set of Thule cross bars and foot adapters.

The BMW cross bars have a wider track than the "normal" Thule cross bars. To make my existing Thule components work on the BMW cross bars, I picked up 6 grade 8 washers from Home depot to slide over the Thule T-Bolts. Now everything bolts up perfectly and is secure. There is plenty of thread engagement left on the T-Bolts.

I only run the roof rack when needed. After loosening all 4 corner mounts, the whole rack comes off as one assembly, which I store via hanging on a wall in the garage. At some point I may pick up a fairing.

Beautiful wagon! We finally got ours back from Germany (ED) and I've ordered the factory rack/bars. Forgive me for being dense but are the washers necessary for your box as well? I'll be picking up a Thule Sonic M box at the REI sale next week but am having a hell of a time figuring out how/if the box will attach to the rails. I assumed it would work but now I'm wondering...

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.