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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
You're comparing Verstappen to Senna?
Well, there's one other quality that he shares with Senna and that is that Senna also never cared about what other drivers thought of him when Prost came round to complain....again.... And that happend... many many times
And it shows in his driving style, Senna also was very hard to pass..

So everybody that is complaining about Verstappen now, think of this:
Who made F1 more spectacular back in the days (in case you're old enough to have been part of that): Prost or Senna?
Easy question eh?

In a way - yes. I can't remember watching a recent race where a driver was so much better than the field. Throw a yellow helmet on Ves and paint the car day-glow and I'd be hard pressed to believe I wasn't watching a classic Senna drive.

Question is, if Ves=Senna...who is Prost?