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Wow, the coherence is crazy above 1500 Hz, and the phase curve as well, but I would think that multiple arrivals in time do contribute to some of the mess there (look at the live IR)! Otherwise, what you did looks much better considering what tonal controls you have to work with. You have to wonder what the HK folk did "under the hood" in the factory processor/amp that is doing more harm than good?

I'm hoping for some good weather this week to measure and optimize my factory system (hifi 676 here, with Bimmertech Amp/DSP and factory audio system) to get by until I get a chance to upgrade my speakers next year. Not happy with the settings I downloaded from the site, but I was pressed for time with these shorter days. Looks like they used every control on the 31 band eq, eek!!! As the saying goes... less is more.

So when are you going to get that external DSP/AMP and MOST adapter happening in your car? I suspect that you're feeling a bit handicapped with that 7 band eq, kinda a throwback to the good old days of 10 channel powered mixers with built in eq!! I know, I know, I'm good at spending other people's money!!!


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