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I'm not wild about the hump at 40Hz, although that's a matter of taste. It's caused by the bass tone control, because it's a shelving filter. I'd reduce the bass to pull that hump down, then increase the 100Hz EQ if it sounds thin. One thing you're not seeing in the chart is the subs struggling to handle content below 40Hz. It's not on the chart, because the subs are rolling off response, but unless they're high passed (who knows? Maybe they are.) whatever content that is down there they'll try to reproduce, resulting in long cone excursion and high THD as a result.
As to the phase plot, I wouldn't even look at it. You'll go nuts trying to make it better, while for all intents and purposes you can't hear it anyway. Phase only matters when the outputs of two or more drivers arrive at the listening position at or close to 180 degrees apart, and when that happens you'll see it on your SPL chart as a deep notch in the response.