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Originally Posted by Dejan_ View Post
This is the best advice I can give you but also the more expensive one.

Get both. BM3 is the future and with limitless maps and flashing capabilities. You can pick a favorite tuner and work on custom maps from 1,000 miles away. Or use PTF's OTS maps.
No need to be close anymore to have custom maps.

Jb4 has a lot of benefits and it can still manipulate fuel and boost to a higher ceiling. You can stack a bm3 flash with a jb4 and really have some serious power, especially with upgraded turbo.

What are your goals? Stay simple just tune and down pipe? Full bolt on? Turbo upgrade...list those and we can elaborate even further many people in here with experience.
Im doing atleast tune, dp, and cp. i will eventually do more as i have a speed addiction. So each of the tuners have benefits that the other doesnt?