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Originally Posted by Kingpin4 View Post
Nice work!
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
looking forward to reading your progress. been following your individual posts on the projects. cant believe you are running those m wheels with 255/275s. how much does it poke in the front? friends kept saying when are you going to do a build I guess this is it! I am better in short spurts, but it will be nice to have everything consolidated into one thread.

The fronts poke a decent amount...they don't rub unless I am turning 100% and I hit a bump like backing out of my I adjusted how I back out. I am going to need tires soon. I will probably keep the 275's in the rear and change the fronts to 245's. I know there is someone running a square 9" setup of the 513's and he is running 245s all around. It looks good and doesn't rub or poke. I knew I probably wouldn't keep the 255s forever, but I was too cheap to buy new tires since these had a lot of tread left when I bought the setup. I will try to get a pic of the front poke for the thread before I change tires.
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