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F30 Steering Rack Replacement DIY - Pictures / Videos

Replaced my steering rack with a used one. Purchased it used from LKQ for $450 plus $75 core. Comes with a 6 month warranty. My car is a 2012 2013 335i with 72k on the clock without Variable Sport Steering. I decided to take some pictures as I could not find much info on the forums. I am happy to say that this was much easier than what I expected.

Symptoms: Horrible steering noise at low speeds, steering wheel shaked more than usual especially during hard braking and overall very loose feel.

Before :

Noise on old steering rack

After :

Pictures of the new rack

Jack up the car and support with some jack stands.

Remove the two connectors on the steering rack. Remove the two reverse torx bolts. You will need a 16mm wrench to hold the nut in place while you turn the bolt. The reverse torx is a E12. You can see the two bolts here. Where the steering rack meets the black sub frame. The rightmost connector does not need to be removed as it is part of the steering rack.

This is a picture of the nut that is holding those bolts in place.

Use that same socket to remove the single bolt connecting the steering rack to the steering shaft. Hard to see in this picture but make sure the steering wheel is centered and you will see the bolt. I've included a picture of the angle I used to remove the bolt with a long extension. Once the bolt is removed you can simply pull up on the steering shaft, towards the firewall, and it will separate from the steering shaft.

Once the three bolts are removed you can pull the steering rack towards the front of the car. I allowed it to hang from the tie rods and later placed a jack under it to support it while I removed the tie rods.

There is no need to remove the wheels as now you can have enough space to get to the tie rod bolt.

21mm wrench and T40 torx. I used a 21mm socket to loosen the bolt. Once it's loose, it will just spin in place. This is where the 21mm and torx come in. Complete this for both sides and then you can pull out the old rack!

I connected the right tie rod first then screwed in the two bolts for the steering rack. It's not nearly as heavy as I thought it would be so I was able to lift into place by myself. Once you have the rack bolted in and one tie rod in, you want to align the wheel (not steering wheel) to be as straight as you possible (eyeballing). Then connect the opposite wheel. You will need an alignment after this so it just needs to be good enough to drive to the shop!

Connect the wires for the new steering rack. Make sure your steering wheel is aligned along with your two front wheels before connecting the steering shaft back. After that lower the car and turn it on! The used EPS will need to be programmed to your car.

I programmed mine using ESYS. Hope this helps!

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