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Originally Posted by vooonoo View Post
How do you get the gps to avoid traffic? Mine always takes me the worst way
I hate it when people say "I didn't change anything and it just works for me" but this is indeed the case so here's a bit more info:

From page 182:

Destination guidance with traffic bulletins General information Detour suggestions from the navigation system can be manually accepted in the semi-dynamic destination guidance. In the dynamic destination guidance, they are automatically accepted in the route guidance. Semi-dynamic destination guidance When traffic bulletin reception is switched on, semi-dynamic destination guidance is active. The destination guidance system takes the available traffic information into account. A message is displayed depending on the route, the traffic bulletins, and the possible detour routes. When there is a traffic obstruction, if possible, a detour is offered. The top part of the message displays: ▷ The symbol of the first traffic obstruction, including the distance at which the traffic obstruction first occurs, if applicable. ▷ The overall length of the traffic obstructions on the route. ▷ The extended driving time due to the traffic obstructions. The bottom part of the message displays: ▷ The recommended detour with the distance remaining until the detour starts. ▷ The difference in the route length compared to the original route. ▷ Time gained using the detour compared to the original route with the traffic obstructions. With the Professional navigation system: in addition to displaying the original route in white, the split screen also displays the detour. Accepting the detour "Detour" In the event of special hazards, e. g., objects on the road, a message is displayed without a detour suggestion.
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