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Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
The "wait list" isn't really a list that the AD goes down, step-by-step, until they reach your name.

If you have no buying history and haven't purchased anything else from the shop, that "8 year wait" will be longer and more than likely never. Same goes for most smaller shops as well. I'm not saying it'll never happen and there are instances that I've read where someone walks in and catches something, but the chances are slim.

I was put on "the list" last month and will have my black dial Daytona this month or early next month, essentially the next black dial Daytona they receive. How did I jump up the list? As I said, this is my fifth new Rolex I'm purchasing (two BLNRs, Hulk, white Daytona) and I've actually spent more at this AD on jewelry for the wife and family than watches. Finally, to push myself up the list I traded my red 1680 for less than market value so my AD could resell it for about a $2-3,000 profit. So I took a hit on that watch of $3,000, but the Daytona is worth about $9,000 more than I'm paying for it so I'm still in the clear.
Many of the ADs are looking for an ongoing relationship. They're in the business to make money. They can't mark-up the new Rolex's at all, but they do make a nice profit on jewelry. The last piece that pushed this over the edge was my wife's 50th birthday present. A very nice sapphire ring that I purchased the lose stone from the guy who travels the world to find the different gems. I had it put into a Tacori setting. Well worth it! Wife loves it.
this times a billion.

if you want a New SS Sport Rolex at MSRP, you need to develop a strong relationship with an AD.
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