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So I am back from Europe. Went to the Rolex AD in Paris with my wife's uncle who has connections. They brought me out their only Daytona from the back, a 116515LN. I did not like this watch on the configurator online but in person I loved it. After negotiations they agreed no VAT and 15% off. After making the deal they then tell us they don't take cash for any transactions over 15k. We were ready to pay cash and leave. So in the end I did not get the watch due to having to add credit card fees as our travel cars had much lower limits. We could have only used a normal car and got hit with another 3%fee.

Very bummed to say the least as it was on my wrist and we made the deal. Now it's back to the States and my wife's dad is saying his AD can get me one and for a similar deal. My wife's dad is claiming he can call his AD and order it for me and we can get it in a month. This doesn't seem realistic based on the info I have read. But then again it didn't seem realistic the deal I almost got until I got to Paris and negotiated that deal. Any insight is appreciated.
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