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Originally Posted by D041987 View Post
My decision is tearing me apart. HAHA. I have successfully found that I can swap in a N55 or N54 trans with the use of the drive shafts and rear diff from the N55 and just the trans mount. This is to handle the extra power if I want to possibly do a full on Built motor.

By built I mean I have it all planned out!! And go for the World Record!!
CNC press fit insert to Close Deck block
12MM studs,
Full CP/ Carrillo internals 10.0 compression with 84.5 overbore.
Custom Spring and Retainers by Ferrea. Bring rev limit out to 8500RPM or more.
Port Polish head and blend/ size the runners to the head Ports
Maybe see if someone can make cams
Change up the Turbo to a Master Power from Big Boost or go with the garret G series
Get a custom twin disk from Clutch Maters
Put back on my 328I badge and get some slicks for the Welds racing rims and go beat on the M3 and M4's at the drag strip!
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