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Leaving aside the moral arguments that this thread has gone down, another interesting point came up and that is of the insurance company voiding your policy for undeclared modifications.

Scenario - you have a collision and make a claim after which the insurance company discover you have undeclared modifications, e.g. a set of Carlos Fandango Wonder Wheels and an extra turbo.

According to Patterson Law (2011) the insurance company can cancel your insurance from the moment they discover your deception, but they cannot cancel it retrospectively. Retrospectively there was a valid policy in place.


There seem to be other articles that support this and yes it feels weird because it suggests that the insurance company are on the hook for something they specifically draw attention to in their terms and conditions. Yes they may pursue you for fraud and it may affect any future insurance you try to arrange but it looks like they can only ever cancel from point of discovery forwards. Whether the insurance company would settle the claim and for how much is another point. Happy for anyone to produce evidence to the contrary

I have twice modified a car, once to respray a car a different colour and the other being the MPPSK on my current car. In both cases I declared the mod to the insurance.
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