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Question about messages, what kind of messages do you get here? I thought there was more intricacy with apps/texts etc but maybe I can only do that with CarPlay added

I have:
1-4 radio
5-7 Satellite stations
8-home on nav
Mine goes to my text messages, but you need enhanced bluetooth for it to work with your phone. If your car didn't come with enhanced bluetooth, it can be added with coding (that's what I did). I believe it only came with cars that have the wireless phone charger in the armrest.

It's extremely convenient. I get notifications on the iDrive screen when I get texts. The car can then read texts to me and I can respond with voice commands without ever looking down or touching my phone.
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As long as 3-pedals are an option, I will exercise my right to suffer the handicap and indignity of slower shifts and reaction times.
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