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Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
two things:

first, I saw this today, guy in front of me at a four way stop light. he had his blinker on to turn left and had pulled into the intersection as cars passed on his left. all cars had finally passed but our light turned red so HE JUST SAT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION UNTIL THE LIGHT TURNED GREEN AGAIN. I always thought it was ok to proceed with your turn while you are in the intersection even if the light was red. I've been doing this for years


would I have been justified in leveling my 12 gauge at these dogs in my lawn?
If you are well into the intersection on the green and then the light turns red while you're waiting you need to clear the intersection safely.

I'd say yes. Here in Canada you'd likely get a bunch of grief for it, but I know I'd be loading some SSG and solving the problem.