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Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post
So in Canada you can buy/own/possess firearms but you must first take a government approved and regulated course. The basic Purchase Aquasistion Licence PAL lets you buy everything that isn't "restricted", restricted being hand guns, rifles with a barrel shorter than 18" and fires centre fire ammunition..... and then there is prohibited which are handguns with a barrel shorter than 4", and fully automatic weapons. If you are designated a bonified collector you can own prohibited weapons.

Restricted firearms can only be fired at an approved shooting range, not even on your own back 40, although I suspect that happens. They also have to be transported in a locked case with a trigger lock and ammunition stored separately. Same for storage at home, in a locked safe, ammo stored separately.

So to answer your question, yes. My wife and I both have the RPAL which allows us to own and shoot restricted firearms. We have 3 hand guns and have to belong to a club to shoot them. I bought a Ruger mini 14 and PC 9 both with 18" barrels so they are not restricted and therefore more flexible with were I can shoot them etc. and frankly for the sake of a 2" longer barrel that seemed like a no brainer......magazines are restricted to 5 shots for semi-auto rifles and 10 rounds for handguns.

The Ruger PC 9 however is allowed to use a ten round pistol mag, I have a Glock 19 and the mags go between the two which makes sense to me.
That's dreadful. I almost never go to gun ranges/clubs anymore, though I did before I had my ranges set up at the cabin. I can't imagine not being able to pick one or more of my own firearms - which I got to pick from anything that's not fully automatic - out of my safe and walk out to my range and shoot to my heart's content. The operative word being "my" there. I'm glad to be a 'murican.
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