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Originally Posted by Tomo366 View Post
I have had great service at BMW of Silver Spring treated me well Warranty is done now though so next time will tell
Originally Posted by JNMNL52 View Post
Ditto on BMW of Silver Spring. Just purchased MPBBK and installed by their Service Department. This was my first experience with them. Service Manager, Joe Diss, treated me well with professional install and coding by the techs at reasonable price. I will be going back.
Originally Posted by davewes View Post
I go to Silver Springs as well. Went to Annapolis originally and wasn't impressed. Silver Springs was a night and day difference. Definitely recommend them.
I've actually had quite the opposite experience. BMW of Annapolis sponsors NCC DIY events.

Silver Spring shies away from big warranty jobs ie. transmission replacements, engine replacements, etc. They've refused to replace my transmission under warranty when Annapolis had no problem in doing so.

Annapolis has far more lifts (~36 lifts) than techs so they are more willing to do bigger jobs because they don't mind leaving the car on a lift if they need to wait on a part. In fact, they have enough lifts that we can run club events there and not impact their service department on the weekends.
Silver Spring doesn't have nearly as many lifts so they can't afford to do bigger jobs that might tie up a lift. They prefer to do more of the maintenance jobs/services.

Also, Annapolis does collision and body repairs. Silver Spring does not do them in-house. They don't have the equipment to do so. Silver Spring is more of a sales volume dealership than a service dealership.
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