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Originally Posted by research View Post
typically a diesel estate is for families, a petrol sedan is for single men driving about.

Problem with family estates is that for a little bit more you can get a cross over SUV thing which, if looks good, is a better and safer proposition for a family guy (sit higher up, etc). Plus you more often get the awd option on them, which again in cold climates is a plus.
Bigger is better ... Not! I'm an American owner of an E90 335d. I know this is an F3x Estate discussion and I'm chiming in because the rest of the world thinks Americans are insane/retarded with the SUV thing. It's a big country and even I feel like I need a passport for certain regions.

Anyway, back on point. My 335d has been in the shop a few times for minor issues that have required loaners. I've borrowed an F30 328i and an F10 535i, both with the ZF 8HP trans.

Since this is a 'Bigger is Better' response I'll just comment on the 5'er which is bigger than my 335d. It weighs about 150kg more, is slower, handles worse, and, IMHO is less comfortable. And, don't even get me started with its pathetic MPG. The back seats are probably a damn sight better than my 3, but I don't sit in the back, and so I don't care.

If both cares were lined up with the same features, I'd pick the 3 every day. Add in the fact that the 5 is $10000 more and now I am compelled to point and laugh at 5 drivers on the road. They usually try to compensate by a demonstration of acceleration. After I blow past them I laugh some more.

If the 330d Estate makes it to NA I will give it a good looking over because it's the only car in the works I'd trade my 335d for.
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