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Originally Posted by SoCal_NSX View Post
Well it's based off the 718 chassis and does have 414hp compared to the 385hp the 981 has...the aero has added significant downforce. It is a better all around car especially if they fixed the strut tower issues.

I'd love to see the numbers with the same tires and same driver just to see how much better the 982 vs 981 is around the ring.

That being said, I'd still rather save $30-40K and just buy a slightly used 981 version.

Although if money was no object I'd take the new one for sure.
I think I flipped the hp/torque. same torque as the old car but +30hp

for sure though on everything else. can't wait for the reviewers to get there hands on them. maybe the advertised hp will be close to what the car is actually putting down at the tire. Porsche loves to sandbag there numbers.

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