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Originally Posted by 1.fresh.f30.335
Hey guys,

This is a quick guide to removing and replacing your kidney grills.

Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes

Tools Necessary:
T20 Torx
T30 Torx
small flat head or pick tool


1. Locate the rubber hood seal at the front of the engine bay.

Attachment 703162

Attachment 703163

2. Remove the seal, starting at a side will make it easier.

Attachment 703164

3. There are going to be 8 screws (6) T30 torx and (2) T20 torx which need to be removed. A T20 torx screw is located over each headlight

Attachment 703165

Attachment 703166

Attachment 703167

4. Now that all 8 screws are removed, the bumper cover should slide forward. Be careful and make sure to pull straight forward rather than up as there are 4 metal clips which hold the bumper in place which would break.

Attachment 703168

Attachment 703169

5. The bumper cover is flexible to a reasonable extent, allowing for a hand or tool too fit behind the grills. Moving away from the center of the bumper allows for more flex, anyone with big hands would probably find it easiest to start on the outside and work inward.

Attachment 703170

Attachment 703171

6. Now using the flat head or pick tool press the release tabs on the grill while gently pulling on the grill from the outside, there are 3 clips on both the top and bottom of the grill as well as 1 clip on each side.

Attachment 703172

Attachment 703173

Attachment 703174

Attachment 703175

Note: the bottom clips are going to require using your hand rather than the screw-driver because they face the ground.

Attachment 703176

7. Once the first grill is free of the bumper you can easily access the other grill... Don't be impatient and pop a new grill in before having both sides removed, it makes more work for yourself.

Attachment 703177

Attachment 703178

8. Now just gently push the new grills into place, run your hand around the gloss black trim piece to ensure all the clips are secured

*use a microfiber cloth if you don't want fingerprints*

Attachment 703179

9. After the new grills are in place, line the metal clips up with the bumper cover, and then slide it back into place.

Attachment 703180

Attachment 703181

Attachment 703182

10. Once in place replace all 8 screws and prior to tightening them ensure that the bumper cover is even, I did this by comparing two of the outermost points.

Attachment 703183

Attachment 703184

I also repeated this procedure on the rubber seal using the outermost T30 screws as reference points, its not necessary but always helps to keep the car looking it's best.

Attachment 703185

Attachment 703186

I hope this helps answer any questions and Good-luck!
Excellent step by step instructions. Thanks