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Makes you wonder

Almost all of the 328 guys on here say "I could have bought the 335 but I didn't think the power was worth the money". Interesting. Ever notice how many 328s are debadged vs 335s. Probably 100:1. Makes you wonder where the truth is in this argument....

Originally Posted by RonSwanson View Post
Looks great! The only reason I'd want this is for the look, not to gain power or pretend I drive an M3/M5. If I want that I'd shoot for the 335 or something else from the start. Thing is, I'm big on balance and symmetry and my M Sport 328 looks perfectly balanced except for that exhaust. It only bugs me a little, but it does. Overall the F30 looks great as it is in most colors and especially EB . Actually, If I could, ideally I'd completely hide or remove all exhaust tips and get a perfectly flush futuristic looking rear bumper but I would probably get hassled by cops for that. Unless I stick on a hybrid badge, hmmm. No that's definetly poser status. I am displeased however that so many forum goers hate on the idea of putting a quad tip exhuast on a car that has less than-what, lets say 350hp? Because its a poser move? I think that's silly. I'm considering this (or some other quad tip exhaust) just for the aesthetics but the stigma of looking like a poser or what have you, unfortunately makes me hesitate. Ultimately I will do what I want on my car, just would be nice to see a little less hate on the forums for 328 quad tippers, because it does look better IMHO. The new Subaru WRXs have stock quad tips, but no one calls them posers. And you have to admit they look good..I can tell what kind of car it is by listening to the engine rev up. For the amateurs who confuse an M5/M3 for a 328 Sedan, let it be, ignorance is bliss.
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