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Originally Posted by Weaselboy View Post
Exact same thing happened with the E90. Car mags got about 1/2 second less than the BMW published number.

I noticed in the video he is torque braking the auto trans to about 2k RPM at launch. I wonder if BMW is testing without doing that?
Keep in mind that the car mags generally quote acceleration times with 1-ft rollout (like dragstrip timing equipment), so the car's already moving when the clock starts, which will result in a faster 0-60. Insideline reports 0-60 using this method as well as an actual 0-60, with the difference usually in the range of 0.2-0.4 seconds. I'm guessing that BMW may be quoting an actual 0-60 time. If you look at their test of the new 328i, you'll notice a 0-60 of 5.9sec, which is slightly slower than BMW's number (5.7) and a 0-60 with rollout of 5.5sec, which is what the mags would have reported. If you take the same 0.4 seconds off BMW's number for the 335 of 5.4sec, you would expect a 5.0sec run as reported by the mags. So the 4.7sec by MT is indeed faster than BMW quotes, but by something more like 0.3sec. And C&D's 5.3sec still looks like an anomaly.