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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
They vent gas build up during hard use allowing the pad to better maintain contact with the rotor.
True many years ago, but not with more contemporary pads, even race pads. This is like worrying about bias tires flat-spotting with storage.

It is funny how as enthusiasts we wantto buy the latest and best, but the adages as to design, care, benefits, etc. remain old technology (not picking on you, we all tend to do this. Change is hard. )

The shaving effect with race ready pads and hard use is legitimate, but not with street pads and street driving. This is a downside on the street as it increases wear a bit more than otherwise. No biggie. Chamfering the leading edge of the pads actually helps slow the wear.

BTW, he stated "Multiple heavy braking from triple digit speeds over 45 minutes." The pads are bedded in. Not the best way, but it is done.