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Originally Posted by DoD74
Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
This is why I was surprised.
Everyone raved about it and some reviewers even said why go with 335 when 328 is this good.
But, at least for me, 328 didn't live up to my expectations (of course it doesn't have to) and it really felt like a camry.
I think that is almost the point though. The 328 is supposed to be in the luxury segment, not the "loud noise, snap your neck segment". BMW is trying to broaden the 3 Series market and attract people who want smooth driving and luxury, but want to know they can accelerate and "get on it" when they need to. People who might otherwise go for Lexus or something Japanese.

For many drivers in the "over 35 crowd" what likely matters is how smooth the acceleration is, not how loud the exhaust note is.They want the car to feel smooth and refined. For the die hard performance crowd, get the 135 Coupe or the M3. For drivers who want a nice smooth ride with with great safety ratings and technology, get the 328. That's why BMW makes different models.

All of that aside, BMW is in the business to make money. If the 328 looked, sounded, and drove like a 335, no one would ever buy a 335. They have to leave enough space between the two for customers to justify buying the higher model.


Well said!