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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
From what I know about those two cars, wouldn't the ActiveHybrid 5 be the better equivalent?
Agreed, they're much more in the AH5's class, but there's really not much in the AH3's class that is a worthy comparison. Nobody else really makes a performance compact luxury hybrid where "performance" means >= 300HP.

Originally Posted by MotoEV
jdong: I have only one question for you? When are you starting your own hybrid blog site on the web?

How do you have so much knowledge on this and other topics? BMW could use you on their customer support / marketing line.
HAHA it's funny you should mention that... I feel like during my test drives, neither of my CA's had a clue about the ActiveHybrids. In fact one of them was candid enough to admit that this is the first AH3 test drive he's been on, and he was blown away by how well the car drove.

One of my first internships (which then turned into a technical consulting job) was designing and implementing prototype hybrid-electric powertrains for military applications. I guess that's where I learned the most about all the tradeoffs and technologies involved in hybrids.

Would you believe that this is my first hybrid ever? As much I like hybrid technology, I also can't deal with the fact that most hybrids on the market are econo-slush. Thank you BMW for making the first luxury performance hybrid that is the whole package