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I replaced my silver whiskers today with black whiskers from IND. Went well --- thanks for the directions.

Only thing I'd add is that the black tabs on the "car side", not the whisker, do NOT move. The tabs are clearly not designed to move. So I had to gently pry the whisker "holes" to get them free. Once the small end was free, the bigger end popped out suddenly on both sides. Nothing broken, but it scared me. If something broke, it probably would be on the whisker side. Probably.

Photos showing before & after. 2014 335i Sport, Mineral Grey. The black whiskers are 100%+ better.

I was even able to move the clear bra that I had installed on the silver whiskers to the black whiskers. Check out how to install clear bra to get pointers. It involved a hair dryer for heat, a small container of water with 2 drops of detergent and a very gentle peeling back of the clear bra, trying not to stretch it. It worked fine.
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