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About to order an AH3

I realise this thread is a little old, but it seems to be the most comprehensive one on the ActiveHybrid3.

I am just about to order an AH3, having been through long process of choosing between an M235i, a 430d, 435dX, 435i or the AH3.

That's a long list of quite different cars, and for a long time the AH3 wasn't even on my radar (it is pretty much unheard of here in the UK, where so many people are content with diesels).

Just to quickly explain my decision, the M235i was the front runner, but it is too small (or rather, I am too big and old) and all my peers thought I would look daft in it. I ignored those thoughts for a long time, but I think they had a point. I also do a decent number of miles a year and need better consumption - that sealed its fate. The 430d or 435dX are lovely cars, but I can't get comfortable with diesels, as they just don't push my buttons when I want to have fun. I am coming from running a 997 Carrera S, alongside a very old A4 1.9TDI. Nothing will replace the 911 of course, but I had a 330Ci a long time ago, and anything that is even remotely along those lines is fine by me.

So even though I wanted a coupe, I am happy to sacrifice the look of a 2 door for the benefit of having a 6 cylinder petrol which will make the right sort of noise, whilst still returning good mpg (my driving is very mixed, rather than motorway, hence I think this hybrid will give me something close to 435d consumption). My hope is that the AH3 will be two cars in one, giving good consumption on a daily basis, but with the ability to just burn fuel and be properly quick when the opportunity arises.

Also, the lease deal on these are very good, due to BMW's support for it, so it works out about the same as a 335i or a 430d, and cheaper than a 435d or a 435i.

Anyway, I was just seeking some final advice (or rather, affirmation), before I go ahead. In particular, advice on options would be appreciated.

Current order form is:

Active Hybrid 3 M-Sport;
Alpine White with Coral Red (so tempted by Sapphire Black, but I have had lots of black cars, some silver, and some grey - but I fancy something new - to me at least. Thought about Estoril, but I think I'd get tired of it. Also, I want the Coral Red, and the Superman colourway is not for me, Melbourne Red is also a good colour, but again, it rules out Coral Rad (in my view);
Professional Media (Nav) (works out almost as a freebie on a lease basis, due to it being essential for resale);
M Sport Plus Pack (19's, Harmon Kardon, Xenons, M-Sport Brakes, Sun protection windows, Headlamp washers);
Adaptive M-Sport Suspension (expensive, but I've gone for this as the AH3 M-Sport doesn't have the M-Sport suspension and I've read that the standard set up is a bit floaty in the bends);
Gear shift paddles (annoyingly, these aren't standard);
Piano Black trim;
Split rear seats.

I am planning on getting the grille surround blacked out (one way or another), in shadowline, when it comes - as I've seen lots of F30's on here with the black grille, and I think it really works finishes the car off, particularly in white.

On balance, I am not going to select to debadge. I would on any of the other cars I'd thought about (well, save for the M235i...), but there's something a bit cool (to me), about having a badge that leaves people wondering what the hell your car is, just as it leaves them for dead.

One final thing, I tested all the other cars mentioned, but there is no AH3 to test, so I am taking a big punt, hence this post.

Anyway, I've never posted on here before, so apologies if I went on a bit, but but this is where I'm at and all input and advice would be appreciated.