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Drives: 2013 AH3
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I've had my AH3 for a year now, all options except the self-parking and each option has been one I would not want to be without.
It is a terrific car. When you want to drive without thinking, comfort mode is good. Less performance but great milage, Eco Pro. I don't use sport mode much, instead I tend to push the lever over to manual-it is a very quick shifting auto.
The electric motor means no turbo lag, pushed hard there is a combined whine from the electric motor as it adds to the engine power and the turbo's spool up, sounds great. The power is unbelievable-even at 60mph, kick it into a lower gear and floor it-the torque twists the body a little and it leaps forward.
All in all I'm very glad I chose this car-the only change I would want to see in the next generation is a larger battery and electric motor for longer electric only driving-such as the latest Porche 4 door sedan has.