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The car will use a little bit of electric boost when you get over 85% charge (like after going down a hill) whether or not you use cruise control.

Remember that electricity isn't free. Your car generates electricity either by going down hill or braking or BURNING GAS and taking the efficiency hit of gas -> kinetic -> electricity -> kinetic.

The car at steady state drives like a gas car. That is how all hybrids work. Unless you can fill up the battery using an external charger, using electricity that you didn't get for free is a dumb idea.

EDIT: As far as the terrain map optimized mode through the nav, I've never seen my 2013 AH3 do that as well. I think those maps were only for Europe. It also never seemed to "learn" anything about elevation through repeatedly driving the same routes. Perhaps someone with a 2014 can comment on whether or not anything has changed. It's a good idea in theory though, but I've never seen it happen.

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