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The only way I've been led to believe that my car is doing anything differently related to map optimization of the Nav guidance is when the hybrid display is active in iDrive. The other day I had the hybrid display up, and was using the Nav guidance. As I got fairly close to the destination, the hybrid display had all of these blue streaks appear behind the imaginary car, and a checkered flag appeared in the upper right hand corner of the hybrid display, similar to the one in the Nav menu when you select enter destination. Now, it could just be a signal that you are close to the destination, or it could be the map optimization causing changes in the parameters of the hybrid system as you approach your destination.
Yes, this is purely based off your distance to the destination. The idea is that the car will pre-charge as you approach your destination so you can park your car in EV mode.

This idea is a specific version of a grander idea they are trying in Europe, where they have "zero emissions zones" around residential areas. So, the idea is, your car is allowed to generate normal emissions on the freeways and whatnot, but as soon as you enter densely populated areas you are expected to reduce your emissions.

This is one way that hybrids and plug-in hybrids can benefit your local environment even if it doesn't directly save gas.