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This is a question to ATM and others on this informative thread.

I picked up my AH3 back in July and I am generally very pleased with it. It's smooth when needed and fast as you like when you're looking for that. I had the adaptive M sport suspension, so there's also a nice choice to be made there.

The one thing that is disappointing, is the mpg. I know, I know..."I told you so" (I did take heed of the warnings on here), but it really is worse than I expected. I can get up to 40mpg (UK) on a long run, including motorways (at legal speeds), but around town, where the hybrid is meant to work its magic, I am getting low to mid-20's. It is all averaging out at around 31mpg.

I also don't seem to see much difference between standard petrol and V Power/Ultimate (I tend to stick to Shell, BP or Esso).

I wasn't expecting diesel like mpg, but this seems more like 335i mpg to me.

The problem seems to me to be how long the car takes to warm up - it can be as long has half an hour at times, and is always at least 20 mins. That seems a very long time to me.

Does anyone have similar experiences? I'd be interested to hear from any other UK uses in particular, or is it just me and ATM that has one?!?