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Tracking a 328i AT

I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about tracking a 328i AT? The car has been out for some time now, and I'm curious to know if anyone has done a full year's worth of tracking?

I recently got rid of my e36 m3 track car that I owned for around 11 years. And since I only do maybe 1-2, or 3 track days a year it made for a hard case to justify keeping a track only car especially in LA where parking is a total PIA.

I did a shake down recently at an SCCA autox and a I had a few take away's:
1. Surprising turn in, I suspect it's mostly due to the weight and position of the N26
2.Steering Feel wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

1. Body Roll even on a Sport line, with M-Sport suspension it's pretty bad
2. Gearing on the ZF 8 Speed is a bit interesting
3. Lag down low

What are some basics that people have done that really awaken the car on track?

I'm debating on getting F80 LCA/TS, brake pads, and stainless steel lines.