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Originally Posted by MacklinUSOB View Post
Ah man, that's a bummer circumstances we're better for keeping the E36 around, they make excellent track toys. Rest assured, your F30 can hang with and overtake them with the proper mods.

As many like DVC as shown us, you can turn the F30 into a real weapon if you really dive in on improvements, the chassis receives suspension mods well. For any street car heading to the track, best to start with the basics.

1. Tires (and if your budget allows, lighter wheels) - Switching from the stock wheels and tires saved me over 45 pounds of unsprung weight while at the same time getting 20mm wider tires all around. A square lightweight non-rft setup does A LOT for control and handling balance. 255 square on 8.5 or 9" wheels is what most aim for but it may or may not require some camber, 245 and 8.5" et38 are a safer bet on an otherwise stock car.

2. Brake Fluid & Pads & SS Lines - Pads and fluid are a must but SS lines can also add some feel and better consistency when working them out. Porterfields and EBC Yellows are well reccomended around here. Motul RBF 600, 660, or Castrol SRF are all good choices. I am on the base single pot brakes with 312mm rotors and their feel and performance with SS lines+RBF 600+EBC Reds is good for my needs. Many buy a set of second hand 335i front 4 pot brembos with 340mm rotors which are a straight swap, but complain of lack of feedback/feel ymmv.

3. CAMBER - Aside from the run-flats, this is a real limiting factor on track performance. Without some additional camber outer edge tire wear is a serious problem and can eat your tires insanely quick as Farkle mentioned. Options are OE correction hubs, the F80 LCA/TS mod, eccentric adjustible bushings, or camber/caster plates. I can tell you there was a serious improvement on track just doing the LCA's on my car, I plan on doing the TS in the spring to compliment them. Some on the F3X board don't like this mod but it's VERY popular and well recieved on the F2X board and they both share the exact same suspension geometry and parts.

4. Springs & Dampers - Tons of quality options, thankfully. I was similarly dissatisfied by how soft the stock suspension was and how little it did to control weight transfer in turn causing traction issues. Ohlins is top here, but if your budget isn't large enough, KW and Bilstein also have very good options. On KW V2's I am more comfortable off track, the beauty of adjustible rebound.

5. The Rabbit Hole - Subframe Bushings, LSDs, brake ducting, rear control arms, bracing... I'm sure you know how this goes.

1. My only modification so far is a set of Apex EC-7 18x9 et31's with 245/40/18's. I'm debating on getting another set or just rocking track tires on my current set.

2. I'm shopping around for pads, I used to use PFC08's on my m3 but those were more of a track focused pad that doesn't really work on the street. New RBF fluid is happening regardless. I figure I could do a few days on proper pads before seeing if I want to put 335i front calipers on.

3. LCA/TS seems to be the way to to go while preserving NVH. Are there also adjustable bushings that are compatible with the F80 LCA/TS??? Also from my research there aren't any camber plates that aren't noisy.

4. I think the max I'll do are Swift Springs. What I like about them other than running them on my m3, is that they're optimized to run on stock dampers.

Has anyone any opinions on sway bars?? They helped the most on my m3 for rotation. I just wish the F30 didn't require the subframe to be dropped...