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Originally Posted by JDTX View Post
There's only 2 screws (Torx 25) on that door, under the door pull trim. The rest of the door is held by clips. I would say start by pulling/pushing on the door handle to see if you can detect if the door card is loose.

Otherwise you might want to pull the door card off and inspect to see maybe one of the clips is broken or missing.

There are several YouTube videos on how to remove the door card.

The door lock pulls where noisy on my 428i and I fixed it using Velcro to tighten the trim (circular) where the lock pull comes up.
Thanks for the tip.

I got about a foot of snow in NC today and have been told not to come to work tomorrow. Looks like we're taking apart the passenger door tomorrow!

I'll let you know what I discover.
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