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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Originally Posted by OnerDriver View Post
From a person that has never been to a track...

Lol at the inaccuracy of this post
Ok, which is inaccurate? All the gas cars I've listed have overheating issues regarding track use. It is well documented.

CTR overheat:

335i overheating:

370Z overheat:

Corvette Z07 overheating:

And for Model 3 users going to the track? Why would you take a car to a track that can only do 10 minutes of track time before it overheats?
I do at least 5 20 minutes sessions at the track in a day, with friends in 350z, 370z, etc.

Never heard of overheating in my car or my friends cars...

I guess I'm not doing it right...