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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Originally Posted by OnerDriver View Post
I do at least 5 20 minutes sessions at the track in a day, with friends in 350z, 370z, etc.

Never heard of overheating in my car or my friends cars...

I guess I'm not doing it right...
I am on track every 3 months or so.

370Z stock has heat issues. I've seen more parked than on track most of the time. If you start upgrading the cooling, it can run better. Also, Nismo editions seem to be better with heat.

Another question is.. does it hit 110+ degrees F (43C) at the tracks you run at? Those are pretty normal summer temps around here.
I guess it doesn't get as hot on the tracks I go to.

Good point about external temperature and cooling systems. If a car goes on limp mode due to that that's equivalent to a battery getting hot.

Sorry I was defensive on my first response to you. I just have never seen overheating issues with my or other cars (except the occasional old civic, but who knows if their properly maintained, I wouldn't go ahead and say they all have cooling issues).