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Originally Posted by OnerDriver View Post
I guess it doesn't get as hot on the tracks I go to.

Good point about external temperature and cooling systems. If a car goes on limp mode due to that that's equivalent to a battery getting hot.

Sorry I was defensive on my first response to you. I just have never seen overheating issues with my or other cars (except the occasional old civic, but who knows if their properly maintained, I wouldn't go ahead and say they all have cooling issues).

It gets pretty hot in California - some of the Southern California tracks are in the middle of the desert.

Anyway, there's cooling solutions for many of these cars in these conditions but from the factory, they aren't set up for track use. I think the manufacturer's do push the limits in testing but draw the line where they feel most people would not notice the difference.

I find often the older sports cars are the ones with less issues on track. They're less complicated and without boost (turbo/supercharging) so they don't build up as much heat.

Model 3 has heat issues for sure. At least it has better heat management than the model S. I'd like it for a daily driver but I've no need or budget for a fancy daily commuter car. I'd rather put that money towards a fun car.
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