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Originally Posted by kdog_x View Post
The log link doesn't go anywhere. That's a good amount though, definitely better than it coating the intake or turbos. Do you use steel wool or anything in your can?
Oops, fixed the link, thanks.

This is the catch can I have. Mishimoto made it for high flow diesel pickup engines. I haven't added any extra material to it. It's quite a bit larger than the other catch cans I've seen people use. If you're interested, I actually have another one that I couldn't get the bottom can portion to thread off. Mishimoto threads them on SUPER tight from the factory. I had to use a strap wrench and put the head of the can in my vise to get the can off of the second unit I got (that didn't work with the first unit). You can have the first one for cheap if you're interested.

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