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Originally Posted by jtyree View Post
To FaRKle on your post of 17 Dec 18 at 1:43, I too have the large Mishimoto oil catch can for my 328d. How did you mount it? I had been looking at two options: on the passenger side, using the existing heat shield screws; or on the driver's side near the front fender. I am in search of 25 mm ID hose today. Any help you can send, I'd appreciate it. My catch can is identical to the pic you posted on 1 Jan 16 at 11:49. Thank you!
Here's a pic of my mount. I made a mount that clamps to the pinch weld right behind the headlight. It's quite secure, and the bottom of the catch can is touching/supported by the wheel well liner below.

I'd skip trying to find 25mm ID hose. That's difficult and expensive. I used some 1" to 5/8" (25mm to 16mm) straight silicone reducers to pair with the AN10 hose. I also tried looking for new fittings with smaller ID barbs, but Mishimoto used a thread on these that's not terribly popular for barbs...