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Originally Posted by MONSTAR View Post
Happy to report that it doesnít seem to be an issue with the depo headlight (and itís turn signal). I tested out the new headlight and it did not fix the issue.

Unfortunately this means I must have a problem with my wiring somewhere and have no idea how to go about troubleshooting that :\. And now I have an extra headlight
Get a voltmeter and check to see if you are getting any power out of the turn signal pin. Should be a constant 12 volts if you have amber corning lights that stay on, or 12 volts on/off with the turn signal activated.

Pin #2 is ground and pin #1 is the turn signal bulb IIRC. The numbers are probably printed on the connector (and also probably printed inside the headlight connector) You could also test your old headlight by applying 12 volts of power to pins 1(+) and 2(-), and see if the turn signal bulb lights up.