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Originally Posted by darksilkx1 View Post
The 2.0T is getting Quattro and the 8spd ZF in 12.
It already has it, and I test drove it.
The AT in the Audi does not work as well as it does in the F30.
ZF still specs things according to manufacturer ordering the trans.

Looking at the gearing, Audi screwed up their final drive.
Trans drive gears are the same as that used in the F30, but final drive is taller, and that hurts the A4 2.0T in accel compared to the 328i.
They could have gone with a shorter final drive and probably beat the 328i in accel tests, but that would have hurt the MPG, which is not as good.
The A4 has to deal with greater weight and greater friction from the AWD.
As it is though, the A4 2.0T accel numbers are nearly the same as the 328i, even though the 2.0T has less HP.
I'm sure Audi is addressing this power and MPG issue, and will correct it favorably, soon. I love Audi's and I think we all benefit as Audi gets better and better and keeps nipping and biting BMW.
The A3 sedan will be a game changer, and BMW will be caught with it's pants down, at least for a while, until they realize they need a 1 series based sedan.
That A3 sedan looks VERY SWEET. I wish it were already here, I'd be shopping it.