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Originally Posted by theothernguyen View Post
Thanks for checking it out.

Just to get further understanding, I heard from another user that since my car is equipped with the 6NH Combox Media, that there might be a way to find out if BT streaming and the rest of the enhanced features can be activated in the F30. His reasoning was that in the E90, all the features can be enabled in a combox media and banking on the fact that BMW may have not changed this.

Have you come across/heard anything about this? Thanks!
I don't know anything about what what was able to be done on the E90. The only coding I help with is to enable known capabilities by changing FDL values. You might try to find a commercial coder/shop to do that. I have not changed the car's VO to enable new modules, not do I plan to. I don't want anything to do with changing a car's VO, especially when all F30's are still under warranty.

AFAIK, 6NH does not support enhanced BT, you needed 6NL. From everything I've read, the combox you have just not have the electronics to support BT streaming.



You also might want to reach out to Patrik at Bimmer-Tech and see what he says.