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Originally Posted by obriennathaniel
Originally Posted by johnsonz1122 View Post
that's exactly what i am looking for. so it wont be obnoxious as a dd right ?
does it make burbles when decelerating in sport mode as well ?
Yup! it burbles even in comfort mode for me, although i do have a stage 2 JB4. Its def. not obnoxious, if you install it yourself however make SURE u do not have it resting on the mid frame brace or it will vibrate the shit out of ur car lol
Did you experience vibrations at all rpm ranges? I feel a tad bit of vibration just in certain rpm bands in really high gears (like 1500-2500 rpm in 7th gear). I just assumed a little bit if vibration is normal with an exhaust like this, no? Or, do you feel zero vibrations (like stock)?