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Originally Posted by Livetodrive View Post
Your car's a beauty! The color looks perfect to me, and matches the spectacular scenery. It resembles the desert silver of my 2001 MB W210. Too bad about the blown engine. Could the frigid temperatures have contributed to embrittlement of internal plastic components, such as maybe the timing chain guide?
Thanks! They didn't investigate to see if it was the timing chain that failed. They just found metal in the oil filter housing, and oil pan. They decided to replace the engine with those findings. I didn't hear any whining or out of the ordinary sounds. The only indicator of an issue that day was after WOT as I overtook someone. The engine had a bit of a shudder, then it smoothed out again and ran fine for another several miles. Then I felt a jerk, heard a squeal, and the car stalled and went into neutral. Wouldn't turn over, and at that point I figured it had seized. I could hear the starter trying to engage, just a buzzing noise.