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Originally Posted by Sigge View Post
Impressive work! Especially concidering the short amount of time since you bought it. I could really use some of that commitment 😅

Youre absolutely right, its your car, your money and you have the right to do what ever you want with it. But may i ask, dont you feel a little sad driving in a car and pretending it to be something that its not? I know i would. Thats why i could pull something like this off. And i kinda wish i was more like you.

This must have cost you alot. Never thought of spending all that money on a more equipped car from the beginning instead?

I agree with the previous poster, next step for you would defenetly be to upgrading your brakes. If you want it to look fast, atleast make it look like it could handle the speed aswell 😉

Also, give us pics from the inside!

Thanks for the feedback! I mean theres many factors that go into this, the yearly tax for this 420 is about $400, whereas more powerful petrol versions i couldve gotten if i put all that money into the avtual purchase of the car would run me a lot more to insure and also over $4000 in tax a year. So being a student and all and getting all the parts used for pretty cheap was the solution for me