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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
According to your profile, you drive a 2011 M3. That is hardly a modest car, and in fact costs more than the median average income by a large margin. Ownership is such a car is well beyond the means of the vast majority of hard working, well meaning people in this country.
Which does little to determine if I'm a greedy person or not. I acquired this vehicle through honorable means and succeeded by the choices I've made. That's not greed.

In fact, you could buy a E46 M3, or something like that, which is still a very fine car, higher quality, better performance, more crashworthy, etc than the average car, and take the difference and donate it to charity or something, and yet you choose not to. Nobody NEEDS an M car. I dont, but I have one because I choose to spend my money that way. I would never chastise someone else as being greedy considering what I drive, I might as well get the word hypocrite tattooed on my forehead.

What is your point because I don't recall ever calling someone greedy because of the brand of their car. Perhaps you equate nice things with greed or maybe you're playing devil's advocate to provoke a discussion out of me? A homeless person can show signs of greed by exploiting a local bakery that willingly gives him free bread every morning, but when they're not looking he shoplifts.

Reminds me of Michael Moore, condescendingly slamming the wealthy business owners every chance he gets, while living in a multi-million dollar manhattan apartment that only the 1% would qualify to get a mortgage for. Or Al Gore, whose multiple large mansions consume a MUCH larger carbon footprint than the average family home by a huge margin. If Al wants to slap me on the wrist for raping the environment, then he bloody well better be living in a 500 sq ft apartment, and ride his bicycle everywhere.
But if you can show signs of Moore exploiting someone for his own personal financial gain, you'd have a case. He's telling a story about clear cases of greed. You cannot deny that. Just because the medium (film)Moore uses to tell his story also happens to earn millions itself doesn't mean he's greedy. You don't have to contribute to his wealth. You have a choice not to see his films. On the other hand, bankers or other financial shot-callers that dictate major things, not so much.