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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
"An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth".

Nobody NEEDS >400hp, or floating rotors in a car they drive on the street. The fact you have such a car, instead of a more modest 328 or something, does determine if you are a greedy person. Nothing wrong with wanting more than you need, but no point in pretending you are something you are not.
People who try desperately to make a weak argument strong always whip out online dictionaries. I guess that's your thing. So, you rely on public transportation or do you ride a fuel-efficient donkey to work, Mr. Modest? You don't know how foolish you sound right now. AND to think an equally expensive car like a 328 is what you think is modest is laughable. BMW isn't a a go-to brand for modesty but it also isn't necessarily an excessive brand either. But that's really irrelevant. The M3 doesn't fly. It meets all of the governmental regulations as far as fuel efficiency and is relatively common. Show me some signs of greed, buddy. But if I had the means to drive a Zonda, that wouldn't mean I'm greedy either. I don't think you understand the context of the word, 'Greed'.

Seriously? I think you do not have to look far to find many examples of people who would argue that Moore's films are hardly fair, balanced objective documentaries. He is famous for his selective editing, taking snippets out of context, etc to put a definitive spin on his movies. Many who where ambushed and edited heavily have in fact accused him of exploitation of tragedies to further his own agenda (and fill his bank account).
We have a national crisis that is written in history if you have any doubt of whatever Moore is filming. Go verify it or challenge it. I'm not about to listen to your whining about Moore. Again, if you go and watch his films, you're contributing to his wealth which Is YOUR CHOICE. Him earning money because people want to see his films is not greed at all. A CEO getting a golden parachute and stock options worth tens of millions when his company is in the red, layoffs are imminent, and shareholders are hemorrhaging money IS GREED! Learn the difference before you go searching for ways to redeem yourself with yet another argument with me.

There are a lot of true documentaries on PBS and the like, and if you watch them, you will probably not be able to determine what the makers political beliefs were, or if there was some ideological position they were trying to advance (beyond educating the viewer). Not many would argue that Michael Moore comes even close to falling into that category.
He's a private citizen. Who cares? He's far less dangerous than say Faux News where these morons are actually allowed to run a media juggernaut and confused stupid Americans even more.