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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
Has anyone noticed that after they make a change as outlined in svache's original cheat sheet that when the re-read the data into E-Sys those changes are marked as "INVALID" or "UNKNOWN".

IOW, if you go through the entire coding process and then reload that item, even though it accepted your input and uploaded it to the ECU, the hardware deems it invalid.

I had this happen with SV_Activate_Speed_Limit and SV_Deactivate_Speed_Limit. Both were accepted -- and they actually did what I expected.

But I hated having the side view cameras on at any speed (it's comic -- you should try it at 95mph). When I went to set them back to their defaults, I noticed they were invalid.
Curious about this, myself and I do not see a response. Are any changes we make using e-sys flagged with an "unknown" or "invalid" even if replaced with our original (backed up) CAFD meaning we will always leave a trail even if we put eveything back using the backup CAFD files (e.g. incase of warranty issue)?

Perhaps he simply changed the value back and did not restore the original CAFD? In othe words, I assume if we restore using the orignal CAFD files, there will be NO trail?