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Evolution Racewerks 2012 328i

Just got back from the Shelly BMW in Buena Park, CA to pick up our company's new 2012 328i R&D car. First off, like to give big thanks to Yi-Wen, the sales manager for hooking it up with the first one out of their lot. I would highly recommend anyone in the Los Angeles area to pick up their cars from him. We got a KILLER deal on the car.

Took some pics of the car to show you guys. The car is beautiful. Got dark by the time I got back to the shop and it was raining so the pictures aren't that great. I'll take some more tomorrow in the day time.

@ Shelly BMW

First impression of driving the car... This 4 cylinder turbo got some power! Didn't really beat on it hard or rev it high as I got to break it in but you can tell. Call accelerates pretty fast. Our car has the Sport Package (and sport suspension) and it's very nice. Firm but comfortable. Very balanced in the turns like a BMW should be. Again, didn't push it really hard as it was raining. Doesn't have a major issue with understeer like our 135i did when it was stock. The HUD display on the windshield is pretty nice. Very clear even in the daytime. Shows MPH as well as the contact name of who's calling you (when you're connected via bluetooth). Wasn't expecting that so nice surprise.

I'm a bit eager to get to work tomorrow. Gonna put the car on the lift and start modding. I think I might have 1 mod ready to go before the end of the week! Looks very similar to something we already make for the N54 and N55 engines. This car is gonna be a beast!

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