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Lightbulb Latest BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Sighting

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Sighting

The 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36) is now under two months away from its world debut at the Geneva auto show and we've got some pics from a recent sighting for you.

We recently posted the 2014 BMW 435i Gran Coupe Dealer Order Guide (released to U.S. dealers for the ordering of their launch/ demo cars). As before, this list should generally be reflective of what options will be available for customer cars, though it may not be all-inclusive.

Also revealed recently were the 4 Series Gran Coupe patent design images, which give us a clear look at what to expect under the remaining camouflage. One thing the patent drawings doesn't reveal to the eye is that the 4 Series Gran Coupe will be a hatchback.

The Gran Coupe variant (F36) of the 4 Series effectively shares the same exterior styling as the Coupe, but with an elongated roofline and an extra pair of doors. The interior will also be shared with the other 4 Series models [previous interior spy pics].

The F36 will generally feature the same model and engine lineup as the Coupe (F32) and Convertible models (F33). Expect it to be priced and positioned in the 3/4 Series lineup just as the 6 Series Gran Coupe is positioned in the 5/6 Series lineup -- in between the coupe and convertible models.

As for an M4 Gran Coupe variant? Despite the previous rumors surrounding it, we were recently told by a trustworthy source not to expect one. Plans can always change of course.

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Photos via our friend Christian at TheDieselDriver.

Patent drawings:

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Other recent videos/photos:

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe M Sport in Estoril Blue II